Network Services

Faculty and doctoral students (postgraduates) hold campus cards to handle online business in the teaching office area at the network center.

If a faculty member needs to access the internet in the dormitory area due to work needs, the relevant application (printed on A4 paper, signed and stamped by the department leader) must be issued by the department, and they must bring their campus card and ID card to the mobile business hall for processing.

All students should bring their campus cards and ID cards to the China Telecom or China Mobile business hall in the student area for processing.

Information Center Service Hall: 1st Floor,Block L3, Zhili Building, South District (Tel: 26536188)

China Telecom Business Hall: Qiaomuge 1st Floor (Tel: 86310108)

China Mobile Business Hall: Opposite the Bank of China&Campus Card Center next to the North Pavilion (Mobile: 13510300024/810086)

China Telecom&China Mobile Broadband Service Hall (After Sales): Xiawenshan Lake (Tel: 86310108, Mobile: 18476328678/678678)