Shenzhen University Information Center (SZUIC) is a multifunctional organization that integrates computer and network technology, software development, modern educational technology, multimedia production and application, telephone and cable digital television, wireless communication, campus card operation and management, film and television production, and audio-visual technology support. Its work scope covers multiple disciplines and technical fields. The center aims to promote the modernization and informatization of school teaching, scientific research, and management, and manages a large amount of facilities and equipment resources on a daily basis.

The center consists of eight departments: the Center Office, the Network and Security Technology Department, the Campus Card Application Management Department, the Software and Data Assets Department, the Information Services Department, the Film and Television and Audiovisual Technology Department, the Innovative Teaching Department, and the Teaching Operations and Maintenance Department. There are two research institutes: the Education Information Technology Research Institute and the Audiovisual Technology Research Institute. Currently, there are 44 teaching staff and 33 contract personnel.

SZUIC is a young, united, vibrant, and technologically strong team. The entire center has always adhered to the concepts of "Talent preparation, Technical preparation, Equipment preparation", "Each doing their best and working happily", and "Seeking management benefits from technology and service benefits from management". Under the correct leadership of the school, we have solidly promoted the level of information technology application at Shenzhen University, gradually moving towards the goal of a smart campus.