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Shenzhen University nano Photonics Research Center

Nano Photonics Research Center led by Professor Yuan Xiaocong, founded in 2013, aims to create a micro nano optical includes basic research, functional device preparation, evaluation and application of innovative research platform, committed to the research of super-resolution imaging and super sensitivity, the orbital angular momentum of optical communication and optical interconnection, optical micro and nano photonic processing and photoelectric devices etc.. Research team currently has 9 teachers, including 1 scholars of the Yangtze River, 2 National Outstanding Youth Fund, the Ministry of education in the new century outstanding talent 1, Shenzhen peacock plan talent 5. Now assume all kinds of a total of 30 projects, including 16 national projects, provincial and municipal projects in 14, including the National Fund Committee of major scientific instrument development projects in 1, the National Science Foundation major project 1, national 973 project 1, the National Science Foundation's 1 key projects, the National Outstanding Youth Fund Committee project 2, Shenzhen city launched 4 projects of scientific research personnel peacock, the total research funding more than 60 million yuan. Research team at all levels of the strong support of the leadership of the Shenzhen University, has made considerable development, has absorbed 11 postdoctoral, doctoral graduate 9, master's degree 33.